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About the video 5 facts about dating violence:

They are: Communication: In a healthy relationship, each partner feels comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings without being fearful or made to feel guilty or fear of being slapped. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 4 2 , Partner violence among adolescents in opposite-sex romantic relationships: Findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.

Fact: The reality is that anyone can be a victim of dating violence. Gender and contextual factors in adolescent dating violence. Myth: If a person stays in an abusive relationship, it must not really be that bad.


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Secondly, teen dating violence is just as dangerous and the impact is just as far reaching. Discuss ideas for what might be included the site. It involves a pattern of coercive, manipulative behavior that one partner exerts over the other for the purpose of establishing and maintaining power and control. Health Education Research, 11 3 , Fact: Violence can occur in any relationship.
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However, until recently most dating violence research has focused on adult couples or college students, not on adolescents. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 4 2 , Congress too has joined the call to end dating abuse by dedicating the month of February to teen dating violence awareness and prevention. Here are some more facts about the prevalence of teen dating violence: Girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of domestic violence, almost triple the national average. Silverman, J.
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Listen more than you talk. Secondly, teen dating violence is just as dangerous and the impact is just as far reaching. Therefore, promoting expectations for healthy, non-violent relationships and building skills in these areas can reduce risk for perpetration and victimization of IPV.
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Effective Prevention: Teen Education In a study, young people who received comprehensive sex education used significantly fewer acts of violence toward a dating partner by the end of Grade This association appears to be stronger for males than for females. Abuse can actually get worse during pregnancy. For example, after such an assault, it is not uncommon to see teenagers neglecting schoolwork, neglecting friends, neglecting family, and neglecting sports activities. Locally, AVDA Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse works with schools, programs for at-risk students and community-based groups on teen abuse prevention by focusing on healthy relationships.
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Coaching Boys into Men CBIM , created by Futures without Violence and implemented locally by AVDA with support from the Astros Foundation, is the only evidence-based prevention program that trains and motivates high school coaches to teach their young male athletes healthy relationship skills and that violence never equals strength. Myth: Teen dating violence is just arguing. Her research primarily focuses on the assessment of juvenile offenders, sexual aggression, and exposure to pornography over the lifetime. Adolescents who experienced greater family instability, maltreatment, or social disadvantage tend to date at a younger age and experience dating violence at higher than average rates.
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Be the example they need. It can happen in any high school and within any social clique. Bystander Issues Teens with friends who perpetrate dating violence are significantly more likely to perpetrate dating violence themselves. Reasons why prevalence rates vary so significantly have to do with the lack of standardized definitions used to assess dating violence. Another

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